Ozan Elyaf Co., which is one of the leading companies in Turkey with its open system with spinning technology, contributes to the formation of a clean world by producing regenerated openend yarns since its establishment in 2016. Ozan Elyaf is producing regenerated fiber yarn especially to make the products made from recycled products re-usable. In our regenerated yarn producing plant, all kinds of cotton-polyester between NE 6/1 and NE 30/1; cotton-acrylics; Cotton and other various blends.

        The monthly capacity of our factory reaches 300 tons. Ozan Elaf exports 80% of its production to more than 30 countries in different parts of the world, mainly in Europe, and sells its remaining capacity to the domestic market. In the years to come, we have to follow the latest technologies to protect our earth from textile waste more and to help nature with renewable regenerated yarn. Increasing the capacitance; To continue investments and to serve our customers in the best way
We recycle, We produce, We export
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